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Art, literature, beauty, and design bleeds through time and place. It’s a great indicator of what culture was like at any given time. Today, we can understand history and why people acted a certain way thanks to art and all its various aspects. And it’s important we leave a good mark for the future art critics to look back into our culture and analyze what we are today.

The authors and readers of Bleeding Through bleed aesthetics and inspire creativity. Whether it’s the latest news about museums or a thought-provoking think piece that changes the way you think about arts and culture, you’ll find it here.

We bleed culture because it is what we are. Now, let’s write about it.

Melanie Daniels

Graduated with a degree in fine arts and is currently pursuing an MA in Art History. Most of her papers involve comparing art in the past and art in the present and how both represent a part of culture at any given point.

When she’s not studying or writing the outline for her next paper, Melanie tries her hand at fashion designing, combining the embroidery of the 16th century with the modern styles of the present. 

Melanie Daniels

Ronald Matthews 

Ronald has been a contemporary arts professor for the last four years. He strongly believes all art has purpose, and all art is political. He also believes that art reflects any culture and enjoys his job digging deeper, mixing art with politics, history, and other disciplines.

 Outside the classroom, Ronald likes writing his novel and wondering why he never gets to finish it despite coming up with new ideas every day. He lives in Manhattan with his partner.



Gavin Jacobson

Gavin is a self-proclaimed Renaissance Man, actively pursuing many forms of art. He makes a successful living sculpting, painting, and freelancing as a fashion photographer. He used to work in corporate and performed those as a hobby until he realized his true calling was in the arts.

 Making enough money in his commissions, Gavin has time to share his wisdom in various art forms with other art enthusiasts. He lives in New York with his parakeet. 

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